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Samantha Leininger 

| Certified Birth Doula |
| Registered Nurse |
| Birth Photographer |

Seattle, WA

vi·ra·go /vəˈräɡō/

Virago Birth Services_Samantha Leininger owner

def: a woman of strength & courage

"Every birther needs to meet the virago within."

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Equipping birthers (and partners, too) toward a confident pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience by means of evidence-based & nurturing physical, emotional, and educational support in the greater Seattle, Washington region.

No matter where you birth or how you birth, I will be a steady support from beginning to beyond.


It is a privilege beyond words to be entrusted in such an intimate season. I am forever marked by my clients and their story. 

What is a doula?

A doula is a person trained to provide non-medical support during the childbearing year. This support comes in the forms of physical, emotional, and educational in pursuit of a satisfactory birthing story.
Read more FAQ here.

Why have a doula?

According to multiple evidence-based sources, having a doula increases birth satisfaction and breastfeeding, decreases the use of medical interventions, cesareans, postpartum depression, and could even shorten labor.

How does it work?

The first step is to set up a (free) consultation. This time will allow for you to ask any questions about the services offered and see if I am the doula for your story. 
"Where do I begin!? I am so grateful for everything you did for us as our doula, and as a friend. Your support, your positivity, and your educating us along the whole way was so appreciated. I went into the pregnancy as a skeptic, and fearful of what could happen during labor and delivery. Having you there helped keep my fear at ease. Maybe I've forgotten things already, but I don't even remember being afraid, thanks largely to you and your support. I will forever be grateful to having you as our doula."

Samantha Leininger


Serving 20 mile radius of Renton, WA

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