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home birth with doula support

Doula Support

Overview - 

  • ​24/7 communication and support upon hire and contract completion​ (up to six weeks postpartum)

  • ​Two in-person prenatal home visits - each lasting about 1.5 - 2 hours​

  • ​Guaranteed on-call availability from 37 weeks until birth.​

  • Birth attendance and continuous labor support until 1 - 2 hours postpartum

  • ​One postpartum debrief visit within a week of birth lasting 1 - 2 hours 

Consultation & Booking

We will meet for a 30 minute free consultation to see if we are a good fit to work together. This is an opportunity for you to ask any questions about my practice, background, and experience. I love this time to get to know each other and see how I can best support you in your pregnancy and birth! 

If you determine that I am the doula for you and you are ready to move forward, you will reserve your due date by signing a contract and paying a deposit.

Prenatal Meetings

During your pregnancy, we will meet for two prenatal meetings in the comfort of your home. These meetings are custom to your needs and desires for birth preparations. Depending on your support needs and the goals that you want to achieve during your birth, this can look like:

  • Preparing your birth preferences

  • Processing fears and concerns

  • Practicing comfort measures

  • Accessing local resources specific to you

  • Asking questions in a safe space

  • And so much more!

Samantha Leininger birth doula prenatal client session

The On-Call Period

I consider myself fully on-call for your birth from 37 weeks on. This means that I will stay within a 2 hour radius of your birth location and will be reachable by phone 24/7.


A question I often get asked is, “what happens if I go into labor before 37 weeks?”.


In the unlikely event of a preterm birth, I would make every reasonable effort to be there, or I would send a back up doula until I could get to you.

During the last few weeks and days leading up to your babe’s arrival, we will be in close communication. You are welcome to text me with updates, signs of labor, and if you are in need of any emotional encouragement - the waiting can be a physical and mental journey!

Birthing Day

When you’re in labor, let me know! I will join you when you are ready for "an extra set of eyes" whether in your home or at your birth location!

Once I arrive, I stay with you until after your baby is born! Throughout your labor, I will be a guide toward normalizing the birth process, ensuring a sense of emotional and physical safety, providing strategic physical comfort and nurturing verbal encouragement, assisting with informed decision-making, and facilitate connection between you and your partner, in hopes for an empowered and positive birth experience!

Some tools I bring in my doula bag are: TENS unit, acupressure comb, LED candles, essential oils, and a rebozo! We will go over how to use these things in our prenatal meetings.


After your baby and placenta are born, I will stay with you at your birth location for about 2 hours (often clients don't even know I'm there because they are so delighted in their little bundle!) Before I leave, I will ensure your postpartum preferences are met and keep in touch via text until our last in-home postpartum visit.

I love to visit clients once they are settled at home. This is usually between 1-2 weeks after birth. Typically this visit involves processing your birth story, receiving feedback of my role, going over any basic breastfeeding and newborn care, and ensuring a seamless transition into your postpartum journey.

Although our contract will end, I will forever be ready for sweet baby pics and meet ups with my growing families!

Samantha Leininger birth doula client prenatal session
Samantha Leininger birth doula client prenatal session pain management techniques

"What happens if you can't attend the birth?"

I always contract a back-up birth doula in the unlikely chance of an emergency or sickness. You will have the option of meeting the back-up doula through a virtual call. If no doula attends your birth, you will be refunded per guidelines of our signed contract. 

"How many clients do you take?"

Typically, I limit myself to 1 - 3 doula clients per month. 

Please check my availability here, or sign up for my newsletter to be the first to hear when a spot opens up.

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