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CUB Rental

Comfortable Upright Birth

The CUB is an inflatable support specifically designed to help mothers maintain upright, comfortable positions, increasing the likelihood of a smooth, shorter, and natural birth.

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CUB Benefits

  • Being upright during labour and birth can increase the space within your pelvis for your baby to be born by 28-30%

  • Your labour contractions can be more effective

  • Your baby will cope better with labour and birth and will be less distressed, 54% less incidence of fetal heart abnormalities

  • The length of the first stage of your labour, between 3-10 centimetres can be significantly reduced by up to 50%

  • A shorter second stage (pushing stage) of labour

  • You are 23% less likely to need a medically assisted birth. More space, less distress and a shorter labour results in fewer necessary intervention

  • You are 21% less likely to need an episiotomy which is a small cut to your perineum to increase the room for baby to be born

  • You have a 29% reduced chance of having an emergency caesarean section

Who Needs a CUB?

If you are...

  • an expecting parent

  • birthing at a hospital, birth center, at home

  • a birth professional

  • a birth doula

  • a medical provider

  • desiring smooth and shorter birth

  • desiring a vaginal birth

Renting or purchasing a CUB is for you! Please contact here for rental pricing and a CUB purchase discount.

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